The story of the banquet of the gods · Meeting the stars

Ji started the Olympics, and the divine land rejoiced. After reaching a consensus and completing the tasks, the whole country invested in building nests and achieved success. The Forbidden City in light purple, the Great Wall in armor, the ancient capital surpasses the present world after a thousand years, and its achievements will be remembered for eternity. Defeating enemies and breaking through formations, the grand meeting will unite the world. Expanding territories and opening up new lands, not inferior to any other nation's prosperity.

On the night of the autumn of the Wuzi year, the sky opened, the earth awakened, and the water flowed against the mountains. Drums and gongs resounded, and flutes and pipes played together. Auspicious clouds and colorful signs embraced the land of China, and the auspicious energy and joyful winds spoke of revival.

Suddenly, flying particles swiftly rose, and the crowd fell silent, doubting for a long time. Suddenly, a loud noise like a cannon was heard from above, and hundreds of fire sparks were seen hanging in the sky, illuminating the city of Ji. Everyone raised their arms and cheered: "Great! Great!" and tears flowed. The celebration continued throughout the night, with joyful songs and laughter.

After the grand gathering ended on the twenty-fourth day, the people dispersed but their hearts were united. The old and the young were inspired, and men and women were invigorated. The heavenly beings called "Star Lord" observed this and sent a letter saying they wanted to visit. The emperor was overjoyed and ordered the quick preparation of precious jewels, jade, and silk to be presented, and a feast of golden soup and dragon meat was prepared. A minister stepped forward and said, "The food of heavenly beings may not be ordinary." Another minister said, "Heavenly beings are superior to heaven, and what they eat may be stars or moons. Only heavenly beings can cook such food." He also said, "Since they have come to our divine land, how can they not eat?" The emperor was puzzled, and at that moment, Xing Baiquan, the magistrate of Shunde, said, "Do you remember the story of Xiaoyang Tower in our land?"

In ancient times, there was Gonggong who collided with the pillar of the sky. The northern sky was far from being filled with the southeast. The pillar of the sky was in the west, and the two peaks in the south merged to support the sky. When the pillar was broken, a woman named Xiangyu was born and shook the great mountain. The stars fell from the northern sky and landed in Jingfu, with the imprint on her forehead. In an instant, it became as bright as daylight, hence the saying "Gou Chen descends to the mortal world under the Purple Micro Star." Xiaoyang Tower is a famous restaurant built by the Jing family in Shunde, Longyao, and it is known as the "Two Fairylands of Jina."

A former minister said, "Miss Jing from the Jing family is the incarnation of Gou Chen, and the Big Dipper... is a ladle, and the ladle points directly to Gou Chen. This is not a coincidence, but fate. This ladle must be controlled by Miss Jing from the Jing family!" The imperial astronomer hurriedly said, "There is already a heavenly kitchen in the constellation, how can we let the Purple Micro Star be the cook?" Baiquan said, "Your Majesty, you are wise. How can you not know? Can we believe everything that ancient people said?" The emperor was delighted and then appointed Xiangyu as the head of the heavenly kitchen for the banquet.

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